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About product :

-Blueberries are sweet, nutritious and wildly popular.

-Blueberries are small, around 5-16 millimeters (0.2-0.6 inches) in diameter, and have a flared crown at the end. 

-They are green in color at first, then change to blue-purple as they ripen.

Origin :


Seasons :

North America :April-October

South America: November-March

Selection :

-Look for berries that are firm, dry, plump and smooth-skinned, with a silvery surface bloom and no leaves or stems.

- Avoid blueberries that look soft or shriveled or have any signs of mold

Storage :

-Refrigerate fresh in their original plastic pack or in a covered bowl or container. 

-Best used within 10 days(rinse just before use)

Healthy Benefit :

-Low in Calories

- source of Vitamin C and are high in manganese

-source of dietary fiber. 

- reduce the risk of heart disease 

-highest antioxidant “anthocyanin”

Recipe :

1.Blueberry Muffins 

2. Blueberry Salad Flatbreads

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