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About product :

Slice the melon through the T-shaped stalk to find soft, emerald flesh and a sweet aroma.  With its sweet and juicy taste, crunchy but tender.

Origin :


Seasons :

available almost all year

Selection :

-Press the bottom of the melon when its fragrance comes out.

-If the bottom is a little soft, then it has ripened and it is the best time to eat it.

Storage :

Refrigerating the melon for three to five hours before eating to bring out the full flavor of the melon.

Healthy Benefit :

-Control blood pressure

-Helps in weight loss

-Lower cholesterol

-Decrease risk of cancer

-Prevent heart diseases

-Rich in Vitamin C

Recipe :

1.Chilled Melon,Cucumber and Coconut Milk Soup

2. Ginger- Crusted Salmon with Melon Salsa

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