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Pink Lady Apple
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Pink Lady Apple



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About product :

-Pink Lady apples are elongated and have an asymmetrical shape. 

-The skin is a vivid green covered in a pinkish blush which becomes a deeper shade of red where the apple was exposed to more sun. 

-Pink Lady apples have a crunchy texture and a tart taste with a sweet finish. The white flesh is juicy and crisp.

Origin :


Seasons :

Northern Hemisphere (USA and Europe): November-May

Southern Hemisphere (Australia and New Zealand): June-September

Selection : 
-Choose firm, shiny, smooth-skinned apples with intact stems.
-Should smell fresh,not musty

Storage :
-Refrigerate apples in plastic bag away from strong-adored foods.
-Use within 3 weeks

Recipe :
1.Duck breasts with Pink Lady apples 
2.Pink Lady Energy Bars

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