Zespri Green Kiwifruit
  • Zespri Green Kiwifruit
  • Zespri Green Kiwifruit

Zespri Green Kiwifruit



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About product : 

- A favourite the world over, the Zespri Green Kiwifruit sets the benchmark for kiwifruit. 

-Distinctively sweet and tangy in taste, and adorably oval-shaped with brown fuzzy skin, the Zespri Green Kiwifruit has won fans the world over.

Origin : 

New Zealand

Selection : 

-Semi-firm to touch

-Unblemished and with no soft, 

-bruised spots or wrinkled skin.

Storage : 

-Store at room temperature to hasten ripening.

-Ripe kiwifruit are then best stored in the refrigerator.

Healthy Benefit : 
-Contains twice the amount of Vitamin C as Oranges.
-Rich in both fibre and Actinidin. Making it a perfect post-meal accompaniment to ensure a healthy gut. 
 -Contains beneficial trace minerals, vitamins, and is naturally low in sodium, fat and boasts an enviously low GI (glycaemic index).

Recipe : 
1.Pan Seared Salmon with Kiwifruit Salsa
2.Kiwi with white chocolate panna cotta

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