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Envy Apple Jumbo USA
  • Envy Apple Jumbo USA

Envy Apple Jumbo USA



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About product : 

-Envy was born using natural plant-breeding methods, crossing Brae burn with Royal Gala apples.

-The growing regions, such as Washington State ,the northeast coast of New Zealand and Chile. 

-Envy apple: a unique, sweet and crisp type of apple whose flesh doesn’t brown—even after bite, slice or chop it.

Origin : 


Selection : 
-Choose firm, shiny, smooth-skinned apples with intact stems.
-Should smell fresh, not musty

Storage : 
-Refrigerate apples in plastic bag away from strong-adored foods.
-Use within 3weeks

Recipe : 
1.Envy Apple Kale Salad 
2. Apple Carrot Loaf

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